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Law School Photo, 2009.

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  • Remint. Revitalize a crashed or failing computer.
  • Mint-TV. You too can get your TV for next to nothing.
  • ProFOSS. Take the hassle and expense out of computing.
  • PCFORAGE. Join the hunt for the computer components that are perfect for you.
  • DIYPIT. Around the home Do-It-Yourself projects can go awry.
  • LAW. We can't give advice here, but we can talk about general principles.
  • HELP. Mostly factual information on all of the topics above.
  • ABOUT. We may be be crazy and here's why.

As hobbyists and enthusiasts we often develop passions and special knowledge that we like to share with others. At this website we are passionate about clarity and having control over our own lives. We hope to share with you -- and you with us -- information that burns away fog and insulates against schemers. Right now our content is focused on smart options regarding computers, the Internet, and digital media. However, we also have a thing or two to share in regards to society itself.